Friday, March 15, 2013

Men's face how to choose sunglasses?

Sunglasses are representative of trends and fashion supplies one of the many types of sunglasses, then how different face shapes to choose cheap oakleys?

1, round face: large sunglasses frame, select the frame lines soft slim sunglasses. Lenses should also be selected dark, there are "tightening" face of Visual effects. Glasses shape should be as explicit as possible, the round will face even more bloated.
2, oval: choice and equal or wider face width and frame. As long as they remain glasses facial balance and overall size of almost any frame to oakley sunglasses
3, square: III.Draw Ellipse-shape frame can slow you enough jaw line. Round and take a wavy line of frame for your face to provide good contrast.
4, rectangle: a long face the type of person who should take the upper and lower longitudinal larger width of round glasses, to make up for the defect of the long face. Slender face of inevitably less "soft" choose a strong sense of sunglasses.
5, inverted triangle: for selection of frame over the thick, dark, horizontal width slightly wider circle of frames to adjust up and down the scale, increase the width of brow, eyebrow part, visually balanced feeling.
6, Diamond: appropriate to wear lightweight and stronger sense of radian sunglasses, frame width not exceeding Temple, matching each other with the face outline lining.
7, goose egg shape: almost what style of glasses are nice, you can even try style odd frame be cool, very physical.oakley outlet