Monday, April 22, 2013

Microsoft Surface flat sold more than Google Nexus 10

United States technology bloggers for the NAI dikete·aiwensi (Benedict Evans) reports that Microsoft Surface Tablet Google Nexus has sold more than 10. This data reflects Microsoft's notebook and Tablet market development direction in the oakleys
Tablet sales data is often not easy and statistics. Nexus 10, Evans uses to track its unique screen dimensions and calculated based on the total number of Google users who Play. Evans estimates that approximately 680,000 Nexus 10 oakley sunglasses
The other hand, the previously reported by Bloomberg News, Microsoft Surface and Surface RT Pro sold 1.5 million units, in line with most analysts ' expectations. This means that Surface Tablet sales are better than the Nexus 10. This comparison is meaningless? For Google, this may not very meaningful. Nexus series are mainly for geeks and developers, as long as the Nexus series available to the programmer, as well as some influential people. Google does this in order to promote all the Android tablet, and more users and attention will benefit Google profits.oakley outlet